Kanopolis State Park


Kanopolis State Park is located in central Kansas, near the town of Marquette. The park surrounds the Kanopolis Reservoir, providing visitors with a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Here are some key features and activities you can find at Kanopolis State Park:

  1. Camping: The park offers several campgrounds with both primitive and utility campsites. Camping is a popular activity, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenic surroundings and outdoor atmosphere.
  2. Hiking: There are hiking trails throughout the park, offering opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the area. Some trails provide views of the reservoir and surrounding landscapes.
  3. Fishing: Kanopolis Reservoir is known for its fishing opportunities. Anglers can try their luck at catching a variety of fish species, including bass, crappie, catfish, and more.
  4. Boating: The reservoir is suitable for boating, and the park has boat ramps available for access. Boaters can enjoy water activities such as sailing, water skiing, and jet skiing.
  5. Swimming: There are designated swimming areas within the park, providing a refreshing way to cool off during the warmer months.
  6. Wildlife Watching: Kanopolis State Park is home to diverse wildlife, making it a great location for birdwatching and observing nature.
  7. Horseback Riding: The park has horse trails, allowing equestrians to explore the area on horseback.
  8. Picnicking: Numerous picnic areas are available, providing a relaxing setting for outdoor meals and gatherings.

Before planning your visit, it’s advisable to check with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism for the latest information on park facilities, activities, and any updates or changes. Enjoy your time at Kanopolis State Park

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