Waterville, Maine

Waterville, Maine

Waterville, Maine, nestled along the banks of the Kennebec River, offers visitors a charming blend of cultural attractions, outdoor recreation, and historic landmarks. While Waterville may be smaller compared to some of Maine’s larger cities, it boasts several attractions and activities that appeal to tourists. Here are some highlights for visitors exploring Waterville:

  1. Colby College Museum of Art: Immerse yourself in world-class art at the Colby College Museum of Art, home to an extensive collection of American and contemporary art. Explore galleries showcasing paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts by renowned artists such as Winslow Homer, Alex Katz, and Georgia O’Keeffe.
  2. Waterville Opera House: Experience live theater and performing arts at the Waterville Opera House, a historic theater dating back to the late 19th century. Attend theatrical productions, musical performances, and cultural events held throughout the year in this beautifully restored venue.
  3. Main Street and Downtown Waterville: Stroll through downtown Waterville along Main Street, lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes. Browse boutique stores, art galleries, and antique shops, and dine at local eateries offering a variety of cuisines, from classic American fare to international dishes.
  4. Kennebec River Rail Trail: Enjoy outdoor recreation on the Kennebec River Rail Trail, a scenic multi-use trail that follows the path of a former railroad line. Walk, bike, or rollerblade along the trail, which stretches for over six miles from downtown Waterville to nearby towns like Winslow and Fairfield.
  5. Colby College Campus: Explore the picturesque campus of Colby College, a prestigious liberal arts college located in Waterville. Take a self-guided tour of the campus’s historic buildings, landscaped grounds, and public art installations, including the Alfond-Lunder Family Pavilion and the Paul J. Schupf Art Center.
  6. Redington Museum: Step back in time at the Redington Museum, a historic house museum operated by the Waterville Historical Society. Tour the 19th-century mansion, furnished with period antiques and artifacts, and learn about Waterville’s history and heritage through exhibits and guided tours.
  7. Lakes and Outdoor Recreation: Explore nearby lakes and outdoor recreational areas, including Messalonskee Lake and China Lake. Enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, and picnicking in the summer months, or hiking, birdwatching, and cross-country skiing in the surrounding woodlands and parks.
  8. Children’s Discovery Museum: Delight in family-friendly fun at the Children’s Discovery Museum of Central Maine, located in nearby Augusta. Explore interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, and educational programs that inspire creativity, curiosity, and learning for children of all ages.
  9. Waterville Public Library: Relax and unwind at the Waterville Public Library, offering a quiet space for reading, research, and community events. Browse a diverse collection of books, magazines, and multimedia resources, or participate in library programs and workshops for adults and children.
  10. Local Events and Festivals: Experience Waterville’s community spirit by attending local events and festivals held throughout the year. From arts and cultural celebrations to food and music festivals, there’s always something happening in Waterville to entertain visitors and locals alike.

While Waterville may be a smaller city, it offers a rich tapestry of cultural attractions, outdoor activities, and community events that welcome visitors to explore its history, heritage, and natural beauty. Whether you’re interested in art and culture, outdoor recreation, or family-friendly fun, Waterville promises a memorable and enjoyable experience in the heart of Maine.


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