Georgetown, Delaware

Georgetown, Delaware

Georgetown, Delaware, the county seat of Sussex County, offers visitors a glimpse into the region’s history, culture, and natural beauty. While Georgetown may be smaller compared to other cities in Delaware, it boasts several attractions and activities that appeal to tourists. Here are some highlights for visitors exploring Georgetown:

  1. Marvel Carriage Museum: Step back in time at the Marvel Carriage Museum, housed within the Georgetown Historical Society’s Marvel Museum complex. Discover a remarkable collection of historic carriages, sleighs, and wagons dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, providing insight into transportation during the colonial and Victorian eras.
  2. Nutter D. Marvel Museum: Explore the Nutter D. Marvel Museum, adjacent to the carriage museum, to learn about Georgetown’s history and heritage. View exhibits on local history, including artifacts, photographs, and documents related to the town’s founding, development, and notable residents.
  3. Historic Downtown Georgetown: Take a self-guided walking tour of historic downtown Georgetown, featuring well-preserved architecture, charming shops, and local eateries. Admire historic landmarks such as the Sussex County Courthouse, the Brick Hotel on the Circle, and the 1791 Old Sussex County Court House.
  4. The Circle: Visit The Circle, Georgetown’s iconic traffic circle and central gathering place, surrounded by historic buildings, monuments, and green spaces. Attend community events and festivals held at The Circle throughout the year, including the Georgetown Christmas Parade and 4th of July festivities.
  5. Delaware Aviation Museum Foundation & Airbase: Explore aviation history at the Delaware Aviation Museum Foundation & Airbase, located at the Sussex County Airport just outside of Georgetown. Discover historic aircraft, artifacts, and exhibits honoring Delaware’s contributions to aviation and military history.
  6. Georgetown Public Library: Take a break and relax at the Georgetown Public Library, offering a quiet space for reading, research, and community events. Browse a diverse collection of books, magazines, and multimedia resources, or participate in educational programs and workshops.
  7. Sports and Outdoor Recreation: Enjoy outdoor activities at nearby parks and recreational areas, including Trap Pond State Park, which offers hiking trails, canoeing, fishing, and picnicking amidst scenic woodlands and wetlands.
  8. Local Events and Festivals: Experience Georgetown’s vibrant community spirit by attending local events and festivals, such as the Georgetown Autumn Rally Car Show, the Georgetown Riverfest, and the Return Day Parade and Festival, a unique Delaware tradition following Election Day.
  9. Shopping and Dining: Explore Georgetown’s shops and restaurants, which offer a variety of culinary delights and locally-owned businesses. Sample Southern Delaware cuisine, fresh seafood, and regional specialties, and browse boutique shops for unique gifts and souvenirs.
  10. Historic Churches and Cemeteries: Visit historic churches and cemeteries in and around Georgetown, including the 18th-century St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and the Old Christ Church in nearby Laurel. Explore gravestones and memorials dating back to colonial times, providing insight into Sussex County’s early settlers and communities.

While Georgetown may be a small town, it offers a rich tapestry of history, culture, and community pride that welcomes visitors to explore its heritage and attractions. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor recreation, or local culture, Georgetown promises a memorable and authentic experience in the heart of Delaware’s Sussex County.


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