Bellevue, Nebraska

Bellevue, Nebraska

Bellevue, Nebraska, is a city located just south of Omaha in Sarpy County. Known for its military significance, suburban character, and community spirit, Bellevue has developed into a dynamic and welcoming city. Here are some key aspects of Bellevue:

  1. Offutt Air Force Base:
    • Bellevue is home to Offutt Air Force Base, a major military installation that plays a crucial role in the defense and strategic capabilities of the United States. The base is the headquarters of the U.S. Strategic Command and has a significant impact on the local economy and community.
  2. Suburban Living:
    • Bellevue offers a mix of suburban neighborhoods with residential areas, parks, and schools. The city’s residential communities provide a family-friendly environment, making Bellevue an attractive place for those seeking a quieter lifestyle while still being close to the amenities of the Omaha metropolitan area.
  3. Fontenelle Forest Nature Center:
    • The Fontenelle Forest Nature Center, located near Bellevue, is a natural oasis with miles of hiking trails, a boardwalk through wetlands, and opportunities for birdwatching. It provides residents with a peaceful escape and a chance to connect with nature.
  4. Community Events:
    • Bellevue hosts various community events and festivals throughout the year, fostering a sense of community among residents. Events like the Bellevue Farmers’ Market, the Bellevue Public Library programs, and seasonal celebrations contribute to the city’s community spirit.
  5. Bellevue University:
    • Bellevue University, a private university with a strong focus on adult education and online learning, is located in the city. The university plays a role in the local education landscape and contributes to the intellectual vibrancy of Bellevue.
  6. Parks and Recreation:
    • The city maintains several parks and recreational facilities, providing residents with spaces for outdoor activities, sports, and community gatherings. Haworth Park, for example, offers walking trails, playgrounds, and scenic views along the Missouri River.
  7. Historic Old Town Bellevue:
    • Old Town Bellevue is the historic heart of the city, featuring charming streets, historic buildings, and a sense of nostalgia. The area has seen revitalization efforts, and it hosts events like the Olde Towne Bellevue WinterFest, attracting residents and visitors alike.
  8. Economic Diversity:
    • Bellevue benefits from its proximity to Omaha and Offutt Air Force Base, contributing to a diverse local economy. The city has seen commercial and residential developments, providing a range of services and amenities to its residents.
  9. Strategic Location:
    • Bellevue’s strategic location near major transportation routes, including highways and railroads, enhances its accessibility and connectivity within the Omaha metropolitan area and beyond.
  10. Bellevue Public Schools:
    • The Bellevue Public School District serves the educational needs of the community. The district is committed to providing quality education and has several schools serving students at various levels.

In summary, Bellevue, Nebraska, is a city that blends its military heritage with a suburban lifestyle, offering residents a mix of community engagement, natural beauty, and access to educational opportunities. Its strategic location and connection to Offutt Air Force Base contribute to its significance in the region.


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